Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday -Feb 28th

WE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!!! It was wonderful to finally have Kristi home. She is doing so well - mostly walking with a cane though she does get tired pretty easily. I love that we proved everyone at the rehab hospital wrong; they didn't think that she would be walking when she came home. We still have lots of work to do and tomorrow at 9AM we start with all of her new therapists. She will be working with a PT, OT and Speech Therapist (working on her short-term memory) on a daily basis. We are also going over tomorrow to sign her up for a modified swim program at the nearby college-needless to say, she is working really hard to regain her strength. She remains steadfast in her goals to return to school and graduate, hopefully in September and to ride again. She actually went to a horse show on Saturday to watch and visit a friend. I couldn't be prouder of her as she fights to get her life back -such an inspiring spirit she has!
Love to all - Jayme
PS - I have some great pictures and will try and get them up in the next few days.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday -Feb 24

CELEBRATE!!! Kristi is coming home on Friday - YAHOO!
Today she walked - climbed the stairs using only a cane. She is so excited to come home but also nervous; she gets sad and scared too when she thinks about her journey - where she has come from and where she still needs to go in order to get her life back. She has come so far but feels like she still has lots of work to do - she is afraid . BUT...I know that she will get there!!!
What a miricle that we are finally here.
Love you! Jayme

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday - Feb 17

Kristi just keeps getting better on all levels. We were talking to her Doctor today and she has exceeded every goal that was set for her when she came in. Joy, thankful, blessed and relief are just a few of the words that come to mind as we get ready to bring Kristi home next week. I dared ask a "Crystal Ball" question - something I work really hard at not doing - and I actually enjoyed the answer. Yes her doctor believes that Kristi will be ready to go back to school in September - she feels like stamina may be an issue so a light load is advisable, but given how quickly she is getting better "the sky is the limit". Lots of work to do but nothing is insurmountable.

Now that all of her tubes are out she has been able to start swimming and really enjoys that. She is also walking with a walker and tonight we broke the rules as I suggested that she walk (no walker)from the bathroom to her beds. I was there to catch her if she stumbled but other than that it was all her. (and they told her she wouldn't be walking - thank god for her stubbornness it has clearly served her well) She will be coming home on Sunday, just for the day, to make sure that we don't have any issues with her getting around. And, she has gained a full 10 pounds.

Its all good!!!
Lots of love - Jayme

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday - Feb 13

Just left Kristi - we had a fun dinner and then watched the olympics. We were looking forward to the Mens Downhill but unfortunately that was canceled.

She is kind of in an interesting place as she gets ready to come home. (about 10 days from now) She is trying to work really hard to maximize all of her therapies and get as strong as she can but she has been experiencing acute physical pain in her legs and feet the last few days . It is best described as that pain you get when you pull your feet out of your ski boots and they start to defrost only much more intense. The only good news about this is that possibly, the nerves are waking up. She is concerned that she won't regain use of her right hand and she is anxious about going home as she doesn't feel that she is strong enough or independent enough. She would like to be walking and is very close. She is also worried about her lack of short-term memeory and her ability to concentrate for periods of time. (Basically - she is afraid that she won't get all of herself back)

She is working to put all that she has gone through into prospective and try to figure out where to start rebuilding her young life. The isolation in the San Jose Hospital has also been hard - most of her friends are in San Luis Obispo and I know that she misses thier visits. If any of you happen to be driving through San Jose on your way north (maybe to Tahoe or back) I know that she would be cheered by a quick stop. She has been amazingly positive through all of this but now she dealing with a deep sadness and is well enough to be missing her "old life". Her goals remain the same - walk, ride her horse and go back to school and I know that she will get there.

The docs are still trying to figure out this liver issue she is afraid that they still don't know what is making her sick. (valid point) Kristi has come so so far and as critically ill as she was, all of this angst is understandable. One day at a time!!!

A few high spots - they pulled out her last PIC line - no more tubes anywhere - now she can go swimming. Also - broke 100#s today. And...she get stronger every day.

Love you all. Jayme

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kristi Walks!

Kristi asked her therapists if she could try the walker - 3 days later she walked almost 100 yards. She also got to go on her first outing - finally left the hospital to join the world. We went to Macy's and had a great time shoppping. She bought 2 pairs of flat shoes and a pair of boots.Her comment- short girls only have high heels and I don't think I can learn o walk in spikes. (So her!) Her face is still a little puffy from the steroids but as of Friday she is officially weened.
Her tenacity and the pace with which she is gaining strength continues to amaze those that work with her. Her spirit inspires us all- she is definitely a miricle!
Lots of love!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 4th

Out of ICU and back to rehabilitation. Yahoo!!!