Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21st

Wow another month has gone by.... Today is Steven'a 26th birthday where has the time gone? I am so proud of how he has grown up! Milestones definetely make me miss Colorado and all of the wonderful friends that I have there!!!!

Kristi is doing great - getting stronger everyday and working hard to get her life back!!! She is still skinney and we don't seem to be making much progress on getting those lbs back on her. She is working on 6 digits on the scale. She is as busy as can be - riding almost every day (which gives her great joy) going to physical therapy and hand therapy and working with a private trainer trying to build back some muscle. She is also working 2 days a week at the winery and taking classes on-line trying to get back to school. She is determined to go back to school in September and graduate in June. I am nervous that she isn't strong enough - of course I am - and I don't really want her to go back but....not my decision! She gets a little down, she has now lost most of her hair (like someone who has had chemo) and won't wear a wigg but looks cute hats. I know that she is wondering if her leg and foot will ever come back. but as she says, she will just have to figure out how to do everything she wants without it and I have no doubt that she will!
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For those of you who like horses and know Krisit as a rider see the attached video of her and Stromie -from today. Just baby fences but really a big deal just to get around. Note the smile.