Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To long since my last blog

My apologies for not having visited lately. It is so inept to say that we are busy (rude too, who isn't!) Needless to say we are all working hard - Kristi, Mark and myself too-to get our rythem back. I am trying to get my head back around work and also get Krisit to all of her appointments and activities. (I had forgotten what is was like when our children didn't have driver licenses) Very time consuming at best!!! She has been having 9+ appointments a week but as of Monday we will go to 4 and then it is up to us to suppliment treatment with other healing activities.

Kristi is doing amazingly well - if you need to see a miricle just come visit! We had this great appointmnt last week with a new doctor and she told Kristi that she expected her to have a full recovery. She described her as a lightening bolt. (How quickly she is improving) Now... a full recovery does not mean that all will be the same for her - she will most likely have some short term memory and focus issues that she will have to learn to navigate but there are so many good tools out there. Also, still no feeling in her right foot and lower leg but I saw her ride the other day and you would never know that anything happened; she may have to take up dressage but she is riding. etting on is the hardest part. As of today -not strong enough to jump. DA!!! She has only been out of a wheel chair for 5-6 weeks but she is riding, one of her big goals!She tells me she will be trooting "XXs" very soon

Her pain, thankfully, is much better! She jokingly told me that she wants to try and ski this weekend - joking aside, I know that she is not. Call me a helicopter parent but I won't be available to drive her. (hehe). Her therapists already think that I let her do but to much and am crazy to let her ride but it is so good for her soul what can I say.

BAH... I don't beleive that I should tell her what she can't do and she is determined to do it all!!!

She did walk 1/2 mile the other day, it may not seem like much but it really was. Unfortunately, her feet are so skinny and have no padding that they really hurt her today and she had to lay low. Have you ever heard of your feet getting so thin that there is no padding for your bones? We are working hard to get some weight on her. We had a Dr appointment last week (different Doctor), ran lots of tests and her blood chemistry appears normal so she just needs to eat more. Easier said than done; after not eating for so long her stomach has shrunk so her meal size is really small.

Kristi - if you read this -three servings of ice cream a day! Who ever thought that putting weight on, or in this case, just not losing it, would be so difficult?

She has also been going to Pilate's which she loves. We all recognize how much atrophy our muscles have when they go unused but I never realized how stiff you can get. Pilate's is great because it works both strength and stretching. She says that she can feel her body working to compensate for the weakness and the lack of feeling.

Kristi is doing so well!!! Lots of work still ahead of us - they say two years- but we are giddy with joy knowing that we have dodged a bullet. We went to San Luis last weekend and had a great time. We visted the hospital and all of the loving people that took such good care of Krisit; it was joyous!!! Also, it was wonderful to see those that became our great friends and took care of not only Krisit, but all of her family!! Their love and caring will never be forgotten.

What a journey we have made - the world seems a little brighter and we are all OK!!!
WE MADE IT -family in tact!
Love you all, Jayme

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  1. Jayme and Family, It is such wonderful news!!I got "goose bumps" reading about Kristi's progress. She definitely has her Mom and Dad's determination. What a journey you all have been on! Prayers of thanksgiving for all of you. Love and hugs, your old friend, Brigette