Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th - I've been a bad blogger

Wow - Can't believe that I have been away from this for so long (Is it really 6 weeks) We are all just getting better!!! It has been 6 months (+ a few days) since everything came crashing down and look how far we have come!!! It has with out a doubt been the hardest 6 months of my life but things are all going in the right direction.
Kristi is back riding a little and working at going back to school in September. She was just down in San Luis meeting with her counselor and mapping out what she needs to do to graduate. She is very determined - I (of course) am a little worried about her going back there.

She is riding again - playing around on cutting horses - something that she has never done before but having a good time with it. She recently cut her first cow, feel off. Worried everyone that she might have been hurt - but in her usual style she brushed it off and got back on. Also trotting around on her horse Storm plus working with a few little pones. Since she still only weights a little bit of nothing she is the perfect person to work the little guys. She is bummed because most of her hair has fallen out but it is already growing back. This is something that has just happened recently but is not unexpected given how sick she was and all of the crazy drugs she was on.

She continues to work at getting stronger but is really struggeling to gain weight but we are going to try a nutritionist. She is going to take some classes this summer to get her mind going again. She still goes to Physical therapy an hand therapy 2x per week. Her hand is really coming along and though she doesn't have full use yet, she has regained most, if not all of the feeling. Still struggling with the right foot - it is still numb but she says that the feeling is moving down. We were told that it will take up to two years to get this back. Even if she doesn't, she just has a little limp but she can ski and ride horses too- so accoring to Kristi it doesn't really matter.

So...we just keep working, praying and moving forward. We thank God every day for where we are and that we still have our family in tact!!! We are so very blessed! I also think of all of you, and silently thank you too!

I do have one more favor to ask - Do any of you know anyone that could help Kristi get on the show "What Not To Wear" We have decided that she could use a little help in that department. Skinny, in need of a new hair style and look at those outfits - don't you think that they will bite on that one. (HEHEHE)
Love you all! Jayme

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